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Silent UTIs : Things You Should Know

2021-10-12 | Aradhya Giri

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are the most common infections seen in clinical practice world wide, with a lifetime incidence of 50−60% in adult women. And while UTIs typically exhibit symptoms of discomfort and pain, silent UTIs are a lot harder to diagnose, especially in women. Without any prominent symptoms, you might fail to treat your condition which would lead to worse health issues.

UTIs and Silent UTIs

A urinary tract infection occurs when bad bacterias enter your excretory system through your urinary tract. These infections range from mild to severe, based on the part they affect. According to researchers, urinary tract infections are the third most common infection after respiratory and gastrointestinal infections. Normal, recurring UTIs have a common set of symptoms that includes; burning sensation when urinating, passing small amounts of urine very frequently, foul smelling urine, fever & chills, etc.

A silent UTI however, does not portray these symptoms until after the infection has reached an advanced stage where the individual's position might quite possibly be life-threatening. While it does have symptoms like extreme exhaustion; this symptom is often attributed to lifestyle factors & stress. Other signs that might tell you that the tiredness you’re feeling could be a silent UTI include;


If you have the above symptoms and haven’t come to a definitive conclusion yet, urinalysis and dipstick tests are the accurate answers to detecting a UTI.

Neodocs Wellness Cards offer at home smartphone based lab tests that give you a precise, reliable diagnosis with a seconds long procedure, in the palm of your hand.

People Most At-Risk

  • Gender:Women are more vulnerable than men. One of the reasons being that the ureters are shorter in women than men. Also, women who have suffered UTI once can have a relapse and contract UTI twice, thrice or multiple times.

  • Women & Reproductive Health: Females with a regular long-term use of contraceptives, and females after menopause are at a high risk of contracting a UTI.

  • Age: Individuals above the age of 65 are more at-risk as compared to younger people.

  • Sexual Activity: People who are more sexually active have a higher chance of acquiring the infection than those who abstain.

  • Poor Personal Hygiene: Poor hygiene or improper cleaning of oneself after urination, defecation and sexual activity increases the risk of UTI several fold.

  • Other Conditions: Conditions like uncontrolled diabetes, kidney stones, Parkinson’s disease, etc put people at higher risk for contracting a UTI.

Treating Silent UTIs

The treatment for a silent UTI is the same as a symptomatic UTI involving the use of antibiotics, proper hydration and consumption of probiotics & vitamin C.

Preventing Silent UTIs

Consuming the daily recommended dose of Vitamin C is the most important step in preventing a silent UTI. Apart from building immunity, it also energises and replenishes the body.

You can track your body’s vitamin C levels using

Neodocs Wellness Cards, that help you do so with a seconds long smartphone based lab test done in the comfort of your home.

Other ways to avoid UTIs include;
  • Emptying your bladder frequently

  • Avoiding use of harsh soaps in the genital area

  • Staying hydrated

  • Including cranberry juice & supplements in your diet

  • Wearing loose cotton underwear

In Conclusion

Unrecognized and untreated urinary tract infections (UTIs) can quickly turn into more serious conditions, and they’re more likely to strike women than men. If you suspect yourself or any member of your family to be suffering from UTI, you must consult a urologist immediately to help you fight off the infection.

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  • Ayush Falor | 2021-10-13
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    I was aware about UTIs but Silent UTIs? Hadn't heard about them before 😜 Nice blog..
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    The idea of testing for UTIs at home sounds so convenient! I'll check this out
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    I like how you can test for a UTI and also track your Vitamic C level using this! Looks promising!
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