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You don’t need a medical degree to understand your results. Covert your lab report to NeoDocs smart health profile with personalized recommendations.

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Upload your lab test results.

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Receive personalized reports and recommendations to optimize your levels.

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Implement suggestions, track your levels and watch your health improve.

Unlock critical information hidden in your test results

Fully understand your lab tests

Fully Understand Your Lab Tests

Understand everything you need to know about each marker and why your doctor likely ordered it.

Fully understand your lab tests

Learn About Health Effects

Learn about the health implications of each of your test results and what it means for you.

Fully understand your lab tests

See Your Optimal Ranges

Normal results don’t equal optimal levels. We use the latest peer- reviewed research to identify the optimal ranges for your test results so you can lower your risk of death and disease.

Fully understand your lab tests

Get Diet, Lifestyle, and Supplement Suggestions

Receive personalized and natural recommendations to optimize your health based on your labs.

Fully understand your lab tests

Track Your Results

Implement the personalized suggestions and track your levels to see your improvements.

Fully understand your lab tests

Analyze Over 500 Lab Markers

Analyze any of our 500 available lab markers, with more being added all of the time. For a full list of available lab markers, click here.

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