The wellness continuumThe wellness continuum• Diabetes• Chronic diseases• Cancer• High cholesterol• Hypertension• Pre-diabetes• Poor sleep• Low energy• Brain fog• Waking refreshed• Consistent energy• Clear headed and calmDiseasePoor HealthFair HealthOptimal HealthDiagnosed and treatment started.No symptoms but damage to body and mind.Healthy but may be having issues.Feeling and performing at one's best.Our focus

Our Team

A team of IITians and doctors, democratizing healthcare for India

Anurag Meena
Launched his first pregnancy care startup CareNX while still at IIT Bombay, helped provide care to 20,000+ pregnant women and their unborn babies. His second startup, Dynasense Technologies, designed and developed POC tools and surgical navigation devices for leading Indian doctors


Nikunj Malpani
A graduate of IIT Bombay, worked at Bain & Co, where he helped transform businesses across healthcare, retail and e-commerce. Having observed early comorbidities and pre-mature deaths among family and friends, Nikunj is extremely passionate about using technology to democratize preventive healthcare
Pratik Lodha
Having been deeply involved in tech ecosystem at IIT Bombay, Pratik helped leading US banks with avoid frauds worth $100M+ during his time at PwC US Advisory. Post this, funded and helped healthtech startups as part Astarc Ventures.


Dr. Rohit Srivastava
Professor at Dept. of Biomedical Sciences & Bio Engg., IIT Bombay. His research lab (nanobios Lab) is focused on developing diagnostic and therapeutics solutions to increase accessibility.He is a recipient multiple awards and also a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry(FRSC), National Academy of Sciences (FNASc) & Royal Society of Biology (FRSB)

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